Our mission statement

The Forum recognises the persistent barriers and challenges, which affect and potentially may blight the lives of many women living and/or working in Haringey. We are committed to working co-operatively with women to promote real opportunities for all women with particular regard to women whom face ongoing discrimination or disadvantage. 

The Forum seeks to promote and improve the welfare, quality and conditions of life for women who live or work in Haringey by working to support women and women’s organisations in the London Borough of Haringey.


The Forum seeks to identify key issues (e.g. health, social welfare, educational and economic opportunities, barriers to equal opportunity) affecting Women and to work with women, and agencies representing women, to identify how to address key issues and respond effectively to key needs.


We are committed to working co-operatively with other relevant agencies to promote the infrastructure of the voluntary sector to enable organisations to meet the needs of women.

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